We made it through week one! Thanks for the love and support, and for spreading the word! It’s been a lot of fun so far, and we know things are going to build from here. We know you love the great Classic Rock we play on the station. So, we’re making sure that’s a huge part of what we do every morning. We’re also making sure to have fun as well. In case you miss a story, I’m going to try to post a bunch of them here, on our Facebook Page, and you can follow the show on Twitter. Often times, we’ll post stuff there, that we just can’t talk about on the radio.

Here’re some of the things we mentioned today!

You get to drink from…THE FIREHOSE!

Your bracket is probably already busted.

This, is the most disgusting story of the day. We chose not to mention it on air. Just don’t get it.

How pranking the news, is done.

They should build every home in Midwest trailer parks, out of Legos. They’d be tornado-proof! 

We missed this one. But, figured Michael was most-likely stung by a jellyfish

Good times!

Enjoy your weekend & THANKS for listening!