Cause for Paws is BACK!

 Fulton Homes and 100.7 KSLX have teamed up once again to help save YOUR pet’s paws from the hot Arizona asphalt this summer. Meet NeanderPaul at any of our appearances, grab a set of FREE Pawz Dog Booties or 1000 Denier Cordura® Booties and learn more about protecting your pet’s paws this summer!

*While Supplies Last*

In the searing Arizona summers, sidewalks and roadways can become hot enough to fry an egg. Now, imagine what a scorching surface can do to the bottom of a dog’s paw.

Tempe-based homebuilder Fulton Homes once again teamed up with 100.7 KSLX to bring awareness to the public about how sizzling sidewalks and roadways can injure canines.

The temperature and length of time a human or dog can tolerate walking on a hot surface are the same, but most people do not realize that their dog’s padding are similar to their own feet. Studies have shown that the skin on the bottom of a dog’s paw will redden and burn after just five minutes on a 120-degree surface. After one minute on a 140-degree surface paws will burn, leaving permanent damage. At 150 degrees, rapid burns and blistering occur, resulting in permanent nerve damage.

May 27th 10am-12pm Tempe Marketplace

June 10th 10am-12pm Queen Creek Marketplace

June 17th 10am-12pm Desert Ridge Marketplace

July 8th 10am-12pmWestgate Entertainment District

July 22nd 10am-12pm Tempe Marketplace

August 5th 10am-12pm Gilbert Gateway Towne Center

August 19th 10am-12pm Lake Pleasant Towne Center

August 26th 10am-12pm Desert Ridge Marketplace



Make a BIG difference in an animal’s life today by making a donation to The Arizona Humane Society.