Funny Locksmith Stories You’ve Never Heard On Air

While each profession has its own funny inside jokes and punch lines, along with doctors and policemen, locksmiths seem to possess some of the craziest tales to tell at parties or when hiding behind the anonymity that only a radio show can provide them with. And while we haven’t had the chance to listen to a whole lot of these intriguing stories on air, we have heard about the myth of the locksmith who had to unlock the handcuffs of the guy tied to a model bed by a prostitute– with the wife being the one who called the locksmiths after he husband speed dialed her with his toes!

The Amateur Magician’s Problem

Lots of folks have an obsessive passion for magic shows, but some take it to a whole new level. We will call the unfortunate soul and the main character of this funny tale Brian – though his magician stage name would have been The Great Escaper. Overly-obsessed with David Copperfield’s escape acts, he studied them for years and he wasn’t shy to put them to practice either. Brian used the whole chains and padlocks requisite required by these acts as he wanted to obtain the perfect stage performance he could then charge big money for. All of his walls were covered in plans, photos, and sketches of his great escape – one that the world had never seen before. Unfortunately, bad lock is also part of the drill one not-so-fine Sunday afternoon when he decided to try his big escape one more time in his living room. He tied himself up, he placed handcuffs on both his legs and hands, and he covered himself with a blanket, working on his act. Unfortunately for him, his small niece had dropped by one day before, and she took his handcuff keys with her when she left- without Brian knowing anything about it.


After a few moments of concentration beneath the blanket, Brian tried to grab the keys from the secret hideout spot part of the success of his homemade magic number – only to discover the keys were nowhere to be found! He started to breathe heavily and swat abundantly, but he suddenly remembered he had saved an emergency locksmith number on his phone just in case. So he crawled on the floor until he reached his phone then he somehow pressed the speed dial button and he asked for an emergency crew to be sent to his house immediately. He had picked a professional company form the verified locksmiths-search database of more than 10,000 professionals, so he knew these guys were talking business. Before he hang up, Brian told them they would also need to get inside his locked home before they could reach to hi, and set him free from his magic act!