A reunion of The Kinks next year in celebration of the band’s 50th anniversary is looking more and more doubtful as Ray Davies has solo plans.

He says, “I’m doing a studio album of my songs from my book Americana, and I’m going to do a small tour. As for the Kinks, I have to talk to [my brother] Dave.” Dave keeps going back and forth, although he recently said he hopes to sit down with Ray in December “and come up with something,” adding that it would be “a shame” if they were unable to do so.

Meanwhile, Ray says, “The Kinks have a bunch of tracks in some stage of completion. I’d like to get them finished… We’ve got tracks back from Dave, [drummer] Mick [Avory] and the original band members. We’re talking about the ’70s and ’80s. There have got to be 20, at least. Then there are other finished songs I have in various forms of demo.”

The last Kinks studio album was 1993’s Phobia and the band’s last show was in 1996.