Led Zeppelin‘s studio album re-issue campaign continues today with the re-release of their sixth album, Physical Graffiti, 40 years to the day after its original release (February 24th, 1975).

Like the previous five re-issues last year, Physical Graffiti has been remastered by Jimmy Page and contains a second disc of seven previously unreleased songs related to the original release. It is available in numerous configurations, including a Super Deluxe Box Set with a 96-page booklet.

Like they did in 1971 with Led Zeppelin 4, the bulk of the recording sessions for Physical Graffiti were held in Headley Grange, a remote Victorian home in East Hampshire, England. Page tells us he had “a lot of material” going into those sessions, but the one song he was most anxious to work up was “Kashmir” because the hallway where John Bonham set up his drums had a “big sound.”

Page has already completed work on the three remaining Zeppelin albums — Presence, In Through the Out Door and CODA, but he tells us he looks forward to each release because it’s “exciting” and he “knows what sort of great surprises [there are] and what treats are in store.” All three will be out this year.