In 2012, a cover of Elton John‘s “Tiny Dancer” was recorded and released in the name of six-year old Lily-Mae Morrison of Ireland who had contracted a rare form of cancer. Elton was so taken with the song and her cause that he invited her to his show in Cork, Ireland and again in Paris. Unfortunately she was too ill to attend. But Elton doesn’t forget and now, two years later, she is cancer-free and she was his guest Tuesday night at his show in Dublin.

Speaking prior to the show, Lily’s mother, Judith, said, “This means everything to us and Lily-Mae is beside herself with excitement. We were heartbroken when we had to turn down Elton on two previous occasions, particularly when he played in Cork and I really didn’t expect Lily-Mae would get another invitation. But she has and she’s absolutely over the moon. It’s going to be a very emotional moment, because, of course, Elton is such a big part of Lily-Mae’s story.”

Lily’s nickname is “Tiny Dancer.”