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Guitar & amp belonging to Randy Rhoads found after being stolen in 2019

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Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

In late 2019, thieves stole various instruments and gear belonging to Randy Rhoads, including the very first electric guitar the late Ozzy Osbourne shredder owned. A year-and-a-half later, that guitar has finally been recovered.

Rhoads’ sister, Kathy Rhoads D’Argenzio, revealed the news in an Instagram post alongside a photo of the now-safe guitar, a 1963 Harmony Rocket. Another stolen item, a Marshall amp head, was also found.

As for how the items were recovered, D’Argenzio writes, “I CANNOT answer ANY Questions, as this is an ‘ON GOING INVESTIGATION’. So Don’t ask!!!!”

The items were stolen from Musonia School of Music in North Hollywood, California, which was founded by Randy’s mother, Delores. Randy also taught at the school.

When news of the robbery broke, Osbourne offered a reward of $25,000 in an effort to find the thieves and recover the stolen gear. Some of the items were found in a local dumpster, though the Harmony Rocket guitar remained missing until now.

The return of Randy’s guitar follows the news that he’ll be posthumously inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this fall with the Musical Excellence Award.

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