Happy Birthday EVH!!!

Happy Birthday EVH!!!

You want to see a fun argument here in the studio? Ask me, or Pete, who’s the biggest Van Halen fan in the building. We’ve gone back & forth for what *has* to be hours about how much we both dig the band. As Edward celebrates #61 today, I’m sure Pete has done the same thing I did: Loaded up the player with VH tuneage, and let it go, untethered!

I know Jimi gets all the love as the GOAT. I get that completely. But, you gotta remember, I was two when he passed, and ten when the first VH album came out. Prior to that, I had *no* idea what could be done with a guitar. To a ten-year old, Ace Frehley was the man! We weren’t old/smart/experienced enough to know what, was what.

Then…”Eruption” happened. It was all over for me.

As much as I love Zeppelin, and Aerosmith, it’s Van Halen who are my *favorite* band of all time. Yes, all incarnations (nobody’s perfect).

Happy Birthday to the man!