David Crosby has always been outspoken about the government, environment and so many other issues, but despite them all, he still feels everything will turn out right.

He writes on Twitter:

“I guess, feeling the feelings I do, that I am still an idealist. Amazing, after all these wars, all these defeats, all these shortsighted, lying bought politicians… After watching the dream of democracy in America get thrown in the trash and buried under a pile of money… After watching the rich get richer and the poor get ignored… After seeing our schools go from the best in the world to…what is it now, 26th in the world?… After seeing racism raise its ugly old head out of the garbage and sneer at us and out dreams of a fair and decent country… After bailing out banks who lied and cheated… Denying climate change in the face of all the evidence for money?

“After all that, I still dream. I can still believe that acts of exemplary humanity can save us, can inspire us, that brave people standing up to fight against the machine can still turn the tide. I must be crazy. But I guess I am…still…an idealist.”