When Ted Nugent hits the road this summer on his Shut Up & Jam tour he’ll do his 6,500th show. Also on tap this year is a new album, also titled Shut Up & Jam.

The Rolling Stones sold out the 25,000 tickets to their May show in Oslo, Norway in 13 minutes; Sweden’s 45,000 seats went in 30 minutes; and the 75,000 in Paris disappeared in 51 minutes.

Ann and Nancy Wilson performed “Old Friends” at Monday night’s tribute to Paul Simon at Carnegie Hall in New York. Also on the bill were Judy Collins, Allen Toussaint, Sam Moore and Richard Marx.

Paul McCartney was asked on his website where he gets his energy from. He responded, “Sex and drugs!… No! I’m joking! It’s simply from having enthusiasm for life. It never runs out!”

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