Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words, a series of candid conversation with a longtime journalist friend, Malka Marom, is out this month.

In it, the singer speaks candidly about her life, which, despite much success, has also been full of suffering. Among the illnesses Mitchell talks about are the polio she got when she was eight, a lifelong insecurity complex, a disorder that caused her to cry over insignificant events, and her battle with a rare condition called Morgellons, which attacks the nervous system and makes you feel that parasites have taken root under your skin.

Mitchell goes into detail about her many love relationships, including Graham Nash and James Taylor, as well as her reunion with and then separation from the daughter she put up for adoption when she was very young. She also exposes her negative feelings towards many aspects of American culture, in particular, the business in which she made her living.

Source: The Daily Mail