Hey! Did You Call My Name?!

Friday, Feb. 17th
9AM: Kelsi Thomas of Tolleson

11AM: John Malone of Goodyear

1PM: Margaret Torres of Phoenix

2PM: Alex Dolishny of Glendale

4PM: Trinity Matherson of El Mirage

5PM: Zack Gusse of Cave Creek

Thursday, Feb. 16th
8AM: Ray Kindig of San Tan Valley

9AM: James Dack of Peoria

3PM: Rod Lindbergh of Gilbert

5PM: Alberto Mendez of Maricopa

Wednesday, Feb. 15th
10AM: Symon Lynch of Surprise

11AM: Jerry Figueroa of Laveen

12PM: Destiny Sandoval of Goodyear

2PM: John Spero of Scottsdale

4PM: Steve Rayle of Phoenix

Tuesday, Feb. 14th
8AM: Scott Isakson of Mesa

10AM: Benjamin Davidson of Litchfield Park

12PM: Charles Castner of Tempe

1PM: Steve Ackert of Gilbert

2PM: Justine Hersh of Glendale

3PM: Samuel Fox of Tempe

4PM: Luis Estrella of Chandler

5PM: Kerri Clower of Surprise

Monday, Feb. 13th
8AM: Ned Toerber of Goodyear

9AM: Jacob Payne of San Tan Valley

11AM: Aaron Flores of Mesa

2PM: Louie Valenzuela of Phoenix

3PM: Jacqueline Woods of cave Creek

4PM: Denny Scovel of Surprise

5PM: Mario Salgado of Gilbert

Friday, Feb. 10th
9AM: David Cervantes of Phoenix

11AM: Bree Mazzanti of Goodyear

12PM: Steve Turchetta of Mesa

2PM: Celeste Toglena of Chandler

5PM: David Rodriquez of Avondale

Thursday, Feb. 9th
8AM: John Ortiz of Mesa

11AM: Mason Knight of Scottsdale

12PM: Doug Rezner of Glendale

1PM: Scott Felciano of Litchfield Park

2PM: Robert Zuniga of Chandler

3PM: Michelle Sampson of Apache Junction

4PM: Larry O’Brien of San Tan Valley

Wednesday, Feb. 8th
10AM: Lee Ann Vega of Phoenix

1PM: Mike Holcomb of Avondale

2PM: Joaquin Barela of Scottsdale

3PM: David Waren of Anthem

5PM: Gary Nicoletti of Peoria

Tuesday, Feb. 7th
8AM: Sarah Duke of Maricopa

9AM: John Murphy of Glendale

11AM: Sam Lima of Litchfield Park

1PM: Raul Martinez of Goodyear

4PM: Jan Sarvas of Paradise Valley

Monday, Feb. 6th
8AM: Randy Clayton of San Tan Valley

9AM: Abraham Lopez of Glendale

11AM: Vanessa Soncco of Glendale

12PM: Dave Kless of Peoria

3PM: Erin Albers of Anthem

5PM: Lisa Locascio of Phoenix

Friday, Feb. 3rd
8AM: Sean Ford of Peoria

10AM: Bob Saurin of Mesa

11AM: Mike Trujillo of Phoenix

2PM: Zebulon Hegel of Mesa

4PM: Barbara Bocon of San Tan Valley

5PM: Wade Mattoon of Glendale

Thursday, Feb. 2nd
9AM: Roger Meyer of Mesa

10AM: Richard Garcia of Gilbert

11AM: Steve Hodges of Peoria

1PM: Christopher Geist of Phoenix

4PM: Terry Goodall of San Tan Valley

Wednesday, Feb. 1st
9AM: Jason Kilcullen of Mesa

10AM: Patrick Toscino of Glendale

11AM: Brian Gilroy of Chandler

1PM: Gordon Hermanson of Tempe

4PM: Frederick Robinson of Tolleson

Tuesday, Jan. 31st
9AM: Jeff Tyler of Goodyear

12PM: Deirdre Farley of Chandler

4PM: David Alward of Litchfield Park

5PM: Gene Riner of Mesa

Monday, Jan. 30th
8AM: Tim Martinez of Chandler

9AM: Christine Kern of Mesa

10AM: David Falkner of Glendale

11AM: Jerome Weyker of Sun City

12PM: Scott Nelson of Phoenix

1PM: Mark Weichold of Avondale

2PM: Tom Hyland of Gilbert

3PM: Michelle Denney-Bland of Phoenix

4PM: Dean Holder of Peoria

5PM: Heather King of Mesa

Friday, Jan. 27th
8AM: James Drury of Mesa

9AM: Cheryl Sullivan of Anthem

10AM: Ken Mason of Phoenix

11AM: Nancy Jeffery of Chandler

1PM: Bob Barrett of Queen Creek

3PM: Mary Estes of Cave Creek

4PM: Steve Ramirez of Peoria

5PM: Steve Hedrick of Avondale

Thursday, Jan 26th
8AM: Edward Gonzales of Avondale

10AM: Jeff Dolim of Glendale

11AM: James Maxwell of Scottsdale

1PM: Brad Bluvas of Cave Creek

2PM: Jose Valencia of Chandler

3PM: Tyson Herrell of San Tan Valley

4PM: Ron Aboud of Mesa

5PM: Paul Lituczy of Phoenix

Wednesday, Jan. 25th
8AM: Greg Fairbanks of Tempe

9AM: Kurt Swesey of Anthem

10AM: James Dutcher of Chandler

11AM: Richard Williams of Phoenix

12PM: Donna Sawyer of Glendale

1PM: Keith Taylor of Mesa

3PM: Chris Leedle of Gilbert

4PM: John Bell of Apache Junction

5PM: Ben Scherer of Goodyear

Tuesday, Jan. 24th
8AM: John Palmer of Chandler

9AM: Kim Odehnal of Scottsdale

10AM: David Kinneer of Litchfield Park

11AM: Steven Bolan of Mesa

12PM: Beth Pachman of Phoenix

1PM: Jeffrey Cross of San Tan Valley

2PM: David Chase of Mesa

3PM: William Conrad of Peoria

Monday, Jan. 23rd
8AM: Mark Bowman of Phoenix

9AM: James Nayhouse of Fountain Hills

10AM: Rob MacNeil of Tempe

11AM: Ralph Cranson of Tempe

12PM: Michael Kenison of Avondale

1PM: Sherri Quinty of Phoenix

4PM: Allen Cain of Gilbert

5PM: Jonathan Ordenes of Phoenix

4PM: Rich Johnson of Queen Creek

5PM: Thomas Schriver or Maricopa