High Hopes?


 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: Has High Hopes For Concert Releases  




Bruce Springsteen is toying with the idea of joining the long list of artists who make their shows available for sale right after the performance.

With High Hopes, his 18th studio album, being released tomorrow (Tuesday), he tells us, “I’m really interested in having sort of more of a regular output, which I think we’ve been able to do this past decade… It’s fun getting things out there.”

And in terms of concerts from the past, he says, “I suppose it would be nice to get some of the classic concerts that have kept people’s interest over the past 20, 30 or even 40 years and maybe formalize them in some way. That’s not off the drawing board either. It’s all there.”

Springsteen may start offering same-day recordings of his concerts on his next tour, which starts on January 26th in Cape Town, South Africa.

He will celebrate tomorrow’s release of High Hopes with a performance on NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night.

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