The Mirror conducted a study to see who has some of the most sophisticated lyrics and Elton John ranks pretty high, thanks to his long-time lyricist, Bernie Taupin.

The British paper used algorithms designed to measure the difficulty of school textbooks to analyze the lyrics. So, for example, if you are a fan of Elton, it’s required that you have at least 9.3 years of education to fully understand what he is singing about. If you’re a Depeche Mode fan, then you need 10.3 years to figure out their lyrics. Also on the sophisticated side of the fence are Dire Straits (9.2), The Pet Shop Boys (9.1), David Bowie (8.7), Rod Stewart (8.7), Queen (8.5) and Def Leppard (8.5), although one has to wonder how much of an education it really takes to understand “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

When it comes to the least sophisticated lyrics you only need 4.4 years of education to understand what Robert Plant is wailing about in Led Zeppelin. The Who is next with 5.3; The Beatles are at 5.7; Jethro Tull is slightly more educated at 6.1; Fleetwood Mac is at 6.5; and Paul McCartney, for his solo work, requires 6.7 years.