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Iron Maiden singer starring in ABBA-themed horror movie

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Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Power Trip

The idea of Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson starring in a horror movie: totally understandable. Bruce Dickinson starring in a horror movie about an ABBA tribute band? Totally bizarre.

Deadline reports that Dickinson will star in the horror comedy Bjorn of the Dead, which follows an ABBA tribute band that enters a Battle of the Bands competition, only to find themselves fighting off the undead and attempting to save humanity in the middle of an apocalypse.  

It’s not clear which role Dickinson will play in the film, though he may be playing Bjorn, the lead singer of the tribute band, Abbatoir [ABBA-twahre]. “Abbatoir” is French for “slaughterhouse.” Deadline reports there will also be cameos from various rock and metal performers.

The movie was written by Dickinson’s son Austin Dickinson, who is also co-producing. The movie’s other co-producer, Andrew Prendergast, tells Deadline, “We are thrilled to be making this blood-drenched gore fest from Austin’s super funny, terrifying, cautionary tale about the inner workings of the music industry.”

Austin adds, “Get your spandex on, preen your wigs, and sharpen your axes. Bjorn is coming.”

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