Sammy Hagar may be the host of the upcoming Classic Rock Awards, but he doesn’t seem very bullish about the genre’s future.

He tells FOX News that, ““I have children who are teenagers and they don’t even know who Jimmy Page is. It’s not like the music they are listening to.” He says he personally will miss the classic rock era. “That was the absolute heyday. It was when everyone was the biggest, we made the most money, and we sold the most records. The record industry was at its peak, and I’m proud to have been part of that era.”

Hagar figures he bears “some responsibility” for Sarah Palin‘s recent speeding ticket — the one where her excuse was that she’d just listened to his “I Can’t Drive 55” — and says he was amused that some fans have photo-shopped Palin’s face into a capture from his original video for the song.