I have been in the radio business for over 40 years – yep, I started in 1969.  Tricky Dick.  The Vietnam war.  Hippies.  Woodstock!

It’s been a long strange trip with stops in Panama (the country with the big canal), Madison, Wis.(The Mad City!), Indianapolis (before the Colts), St. Louis (just when the Rams arrived), Philadelphia (go Eagles) and New Orleans (yes, I did experience Hurricane Katrina and the mess afterward). 

And here I am in the desert (go Cardinals/go Coyotes/go Suns), spinning the tunes for KSLX – although, with computers and all we don’t really “spin” anything any more.  I’m a “leading edge Baby Boomer” with two kids, a wife who puts up with my goofy moments, two cats and a motorcycle.  I’ve been a Disc Jockey, a Program Director, a Station Manager, a radio consultant and a small business owner.  Oh yeah, I’ve been unemployed a couple of times, too. 

Still love the music, politicians are still like characters from Alice In Wonderland, and those kooky young people still set the fashion trends.  Ain’t life grand? 


Some words to live by:


“If everything’s under control, you’re going too slow.”
— Mario Andretti, auto racing legend


“If by the first half hour you did not spot the sucker at the table, then you are the sucker.” – from the movie “Rounders”