Pete Cummings has been a rock-radio staple in Phoenix since 1993. He has logged time in Overnights, Nights, Afternoons & Mornings for KSLX’s two sister rock stations and now brings his unique perspective & irreverent style to the PM Drive Shift at 100.7 KSLX, 2pm to 7pm, Monday through Friday.


Since childhood, Pete has been cranking AND playing classic rock in bands for over 20 years which make him a true purveyor of the greatest music ever written. “I couldn’t be happier to be here at KSLX because I’m playing all the great music I grew up with,” Pete says, “It’s like putting on your favorite jacket: it’s familiar, comfortable & feels good.”


In addition to entertaining the KSLX Faithful each weeknight, his band Pete & The ShortCummings have become the unofficial House Band for KSLX by playing live station events.