John Fogerty Says He Won’t Stop Playing CCR Songs

John Fogerty Says He Won’t Stop Playing CCR Songs


Photo by Brennan Schnell

It seems that bad blood between bandmates just comes with the territory when you venture into the music world. It is always a shame to see bands we love not able to overcome their differences. And it seems that time doesn’t help too much either because now John Fogerty, lead singer of Creedence Clearwater Revival, is being sued by his former bandmates for a whole host of claims.

Despite that, do not expect him to change his ways anytime soon.

“The people who come to my shows know they will hear me sing and play the songs I wrote and recorded over the past four decades of my career. Every night we play live, I’m thrilled to see all of hose fans singing along to the songs that have touched them. I am at a wonderful place in my life. I am playing the music that I love and wrote, with full joy and having my son Shane joining along side of me – It doesn’t get much better than that.”

“No lawyers, lawsuits, or angry ex-band members will stop me ever again from singing my songs; I am going to continue to tour and play all my songs every single night I am out on the road.”

At the moment, the former band members are after damages due to the misuse of the band’s name. No word on the result at this time.