Styx guitarist James “JY” Young, our NFL analyst, was a half-yard away from accurately predicting the Seattle Seahawks to win their second straight Super Bowl, but a bonehead passing play by Seattle with a minute left in the game ended in an interception for the New England Patriots and their fourth Super Bowl win, 28-to-24.

JY had Seattle winning by three points and if they had just tried to run the ball in from the half-yard line instead of passing they may have pulled off a 30-to-28 win (31 if they kicked the extra point).

So like last year, JY ends this post-season going seven-for-11 with his picks. We’d like to once again thank him for taking the time to do this for us for the 11th straight year.

Classic rock had a little bit of a presence at this year’s game. Paul McCartney was in the house; Steven Tyler performed at Rolling Stone‘s Super Bowl-eve party; and songs by Van Halen, Ted Nugent and Harry Chapin were featured in commercials.