Keef’s List.

Keef’s List.


KEITH RICHARDS: 10 Tracks to Introduce You to the Blues




Keith Richards recently down with the U.K.-based Planet Rock Internet radio where he was asked to pick his Top 10 blues tracks. They are:
•Jimmy Reed – “You Got Me Dizzy”
•Muddy Waters – “Still a Fool”
•Chuck Berry – “Let it Rock”
•Little Walter – “Key to the Highway”
•Howlin’ Wolf – “Red Rooster”
•John Lee Hooker – “Boom Boom”
•Otis Redding – “These Arms of Mine”
•Bo Diddley – “Mona”
•Freddie King – “Goin’ Down”
•Robert Johnson – “Love in Vain”

Asked how he first came to love the blues, he says it came out of his mother playing jazz records in the house while growing up. “There’s a lot of blues in jazz, so in a way it was in the bones…”

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