KISS Alive?


 KISS: Stanley Is Really Full of Himself




It’s no secret that there was a stretch in the ’80s where Paul Stanley kept KISS alive — pun intended.

He also says that the original line-up’s reunion tour in 1996 allowed him and Gene Simmons to “reclaim those four iconic characters and move on from there. So the reunion tour was very important. Absolutely. It was the ground on which we reclaimed our legacy.”

But when asked if “KISS would be still be here if it didn’t happen,” he says, “KISS would always be around, because if it ever comes down to it, I am KISS. I don’t mean that with disregard to Gene. It ultimately means that no matter what anyone does, I covet this band and will keep it going.” Stanley goes onto say that Simmons “acknowledges it now probably more than before, because I think he’s more comfortable in his own skin. I do believe that getting married and looking at his past, seeing why he is the way he is, has made him more open to acknowledging that, which is great.”

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