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Latest episode of ‘Queen the Greatest’ YouTube series focuses on hits written by drummer Roger Taylor

Simon Fowler/© Queen Productions Ltd.

The seventh episode of Queen‘s weekly YouTube video series Queen the Greatest premiered today, focusing on the successful songs that drummer Roger Taylor has written or co-written for the band.

The installment begins by noting that all four members of Queen have penned “their fair share” of the group’s hits, and proceeds to profile five songs composed by Taylor, sharing some details about each tune while showing a segment of its companion music video.

After mentioning that Taylor had written such 1970s fan favorites as “I’m In Love with My Car” and “Sheer Heart Attack,” the episode first looks at the hit “Radio Ga Ga,” from Queen’s 1984 album, The Works. The clip notes that a moment in the song’s music video showing a crowd clapping in unison to the drum beat “was quickly adopted by fans attending live Queen shows around the world.”

The second song mentioned is “A Kind of Magic,” from the 1986 album of the same name. A clip of the tune’s music video shows frontman Freddie Mercury getting to “weave his magic over his less than glamorous looking band mates.”

Next, two U.K. hits Taylor had a hand in writing from Queen’s 1989 album The Miracle are mentioned — “Invisible Man” and “Breakthru.”

Bringing the episode to a close is a segment on the poignant “These Are the Days of Our Lives,” which became a #1 hit in the U.K. in 1992, a year after the death of Mercury. The narrator notes that “although it was conceived by Roger as a reflective song about being a parent, it took on a different significance on its release shortly after the tragic loss of Freddie.”

Upcoming episodes of Queen The Greatest will focus specifically on hits written by the band’s other members.

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