GREGG ALLMAN: May Be Wishing He Never Told His Tale




Gregg Allman must be kicking himself for ever deciding to have his 2012 memoir, My Cross to Bear, turned into a movie as he has now been named in a suit regarding the death of a camera assistant while on a remote set for the movie in February.

The lawsuit was filed by the parents of 27-year-old Sarah Jones against Allman, the producers of the movie, Midnight Rider, CSX Transportation, which owns the railroad tracks where the crash that killed Sarah occurred, and others. They claim that the filmmakers “selected an unreasonably dangerous site for the filming location; failed to secure approval for filming from CSX; concealed their lack of approval from CSX from the cast and crew … and otherwise failed to take measures to protect the safety of the Midnight Rider cast and crew.”

Allman was named as a defendant because he is one of the film’s executive producers. He was unavailable for comment.

Since the accident, actor William Hurt, who was to portray Allman, quit the production. Allman then asked the filmmakers to stop production altogether and sued to get back the film rights to his story. He has since dropped the suit after settling out of court, the terms of which have not been disclosed.

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