•    Nixon was re-elected and goes to the Soviet Union…the first president to do so.
•    Nixon orders the development of a space shuttle program.
•    US forces resume the bombing of North Viet Nam just in time for Christmas.
•    The program code for something called “E-Mail” was written
•    U.S. airlines begin mandatory inspection of passengers and baggage.
•    The Pioneer 10 spacecraft is launched and is the first man-made satellite to leave the solar system.
•    Munich Massacre takes place in the Olympic compound during the summer Olympics.
•    George Wallace is shot.
•    The last executions in Paris, France were guillotined at La Sante Prison.


•    MOVIES: “The Godfather” “Deliverance” and “Deep Throat”
•    T.V.: Bob Barker hosts the first episode of The Price Is Right on CBS and M*A*S*H began an eleven season run, eight years longer than the Korean War which provided its setting.
•    The first scientific hand-held calculator (HP-35) is introduced (price $395).
•    Bobby Fisher becomes a Chess Champ.
•    The first cellular phone call is made in New York City


•    This song  is found on the album “Still Bill”
•    It’s his first and only number one hit.
•    It’s ranked at number 205 on Rolling Stone’s list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”
•    It’s one of only nine songs to have scored No. 1 with versions recorded by two different artists.
•    Here’s Bill Withers and “Lean On Me” your #1@1 from July 1972.


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