If you know anything about AC/DC then you know that the drum pattern is pretty much the same in every song. So it’s no real surprise that Bob Richards, the drummer who filled in for Phil Rudd on video shoots for “Rock or Bust” and “Play Ball” in London in October, learned his drum parts in an hour.

He says, “I filled in at the last minute –- it was all hands on deck. I heard the songs an hour or so before we went on to the set to start filming. I played it over several times and did a bit of air-drumming to it.” Afterwards Richards went out for drinks with singer Brian Johnson.

Richards was recruited after Rudd was arrested in New Zealand, where he lives, for drug possession and threatening to kill. He is due back in court in April. AC/DC has since rehired Chris Slade, who drummed with the band in the early ’90s.