Led Zeppelin Are *Not* Losing The “Stairway Lawsuit.”

Led Zeppelin Are *Not* Losing The “Stairway Lawsuit.”

Interesting to read all the reports online about the lawsuit brought forth by the family of the late Randy California of Spirit.

For those unaware, Spirit has a song called “Taurus.” A part of the song was most-likely lifted by Zeppelin for “Stairway.” I don’t think anyone believes Zep were above “borrowing” the musical phrase. Let’s face it…they have shown a propensity for “extreme influence” in the past. And…they’ve paid a pretty penny for it.

To read the internet reports these days, the band is DOOMED!

All this recent court decision determined is; The suit may proceed in the Pennsylvania courts.

That’s it!

They haven’t even begun to argue the merits of the case. It hasn’t even been discussed. All that’s happened is, they’re going to allow the case to proceed.

Did Zeppelin rip off Spirit? Probably.

Have they already lost this lawsuit? No.

Will we be sick of this discussion in a week? Most likely.

Either way…Zeppelin rule.

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