Legal Battle?


 MICK JAGGER: L’Wren Scott’s Will Could Lead to a Lawsuit




L’Wren Scott’s will — which left everything to her boyfriend Mick Jagger — could soon lead to a court case.

Prominent estate planning attorney Robert J. Kurre says the late designer’s brother and sister, who were specifically left out of the will, have the right to contest it. Kurre notes that under New York law, next of kin must either consent to the will in writing, or be served with a citation calling them into court. As a result, “when the next of kin are left out, they often initiate a legal challenge, especially when substantial assets are involved. Disgruntled heirs use this [process] in hopes of a settlement so the [those] named in the will can avoid lengthy, expensive litigation.” Kurre calls this “a cautionary tale to anyone who wishes to disinherit their next of kin or leave assets to them in unequal shares.”

According to Kurre, Scott could have avoided possible complications — and the probate process — by placing her assets into a revocable trust during her lifetime, which would have acted as a substitute for the will.

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