After a few delays over the past couple of years, Bob Seger finally releases his 17th studio album tomorrow (Tuesday). Called Ride Out, it was actually the album’s title track that took him the longest to write.

He tells us, “I just kept rewriting the lyric… That song hasn’t got a lot of melody, but it has a great rhythmic thing and I just wanted to really get the lyrics right.” Ride Out is Seger’s first album since Face the Promise in 2006.

And even though “Ride Out” wasn’t the first song Seger wrote for the album, he says he immediately knew he would be the title track because he says it would “touch on practically everything [in this song] I’m gonna sing about on this record. It’s pretty wide-ranging.”

The standard Ride Out album contains 10 tracks with the deluxe version adding three more.

Seger is currently rehearsing with his Silver Bullet Band for the Ride Out tour, which starts on November 19th in Saginaw, Michigan.