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Make your way through Black Sabbath’s virtual ‘Sabotage’ escape room

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How do you make the experience of an escape room even more intense? By adding the music of Black Sabbath, of course.

The metal legends have launched their own virtual escape room, themed around the recent deluxe reissue of their 1975 album, Sabotage. The game finds you stuck in a backstage dressing room, and the only way to get out is by using your Sabbath knowledge. For example, correctly ordering the release dates of the first six Sabbath records will form a clue used to open one of three locks keeping you in the room.

You can try for yourself now at

The deluxe Sabotage reissue was released last Friday. It includes remastered audio, as well as a full live recording of a show from Sabbath’s 1975 tour.

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