•    Ronald Regan is sworn in for his second term.
•    Mikhail Gorbachev becomes General Secretary of the communist party in the Soviet Union.  
•    The Achille Lauro cruise ship is hijacked.
•    Richard Ramirez, the serial killer known as the Night Stalker, is captured in Los Angeles. 
•    Missing children are put on milk cartons for the first time.
•    The Food and Drug Administration approves a blood test for AIDS, used since then to screen all blood donations in the United States.
•    U.S. Route 66 is officially decommissioned.


•    MOVIES: “Rocky”, “Back to the Future” (the highest grossing film of 1985).
•    T.V.: “MacGyver” & “Growing Pains”.
•    The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes debuts in 35 newspapers.
•    Singers and musicians from across the U.S. gathered to record “We are the World” calling themselves “USA for Africa”
•    Coca Cola introduces “New Coke” only to bring back “Old” Coke 3 months later…
•    Nintendo is introduced.
•    David Lee Roth leaves Van Halen and The Police call it quits.


•    Rock Hudson
•    Orson Wells


•    From the album Brothers in Arms
•    The video was the first to be aired on MTV Europe when the network started on August 1st 1987.
•    The song won the Grammy for the Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with a Vocal at the 28th annual Grammy Awards.
•    The songwriting credits are shared between Mark Knopfler and Sting.
•    Sting has stated that his only compositional contribution was the “I Want My MTV” line but his publishing company insisted on a co-writing credit (and royalties)
•    Dire Straits and “Money for Nothing” your #1@1 from September 1985.

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