More Clues?


 KISS: Another Clue to the Rock Hall Refusal?




Perhaps Paul Stanley’s refusal to perform with the original KISS lineup at next Thursday’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony stems from that lineup’s reunion and farewell tours in 1996 and 2000.

In his memoir Face the Music, which will be published next Tuesday, Stanley says, “I was angry at Peter [Criss] and Ace [Frehley] for being disrespectful toward everything we had accomplished and everything the fans were giving us. I bought into the idea that this really was it. The end of KISS. There was no place to go. It was unbearable.”

Stanley and Gene Simmons will be joined at their table at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn by current KISS members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, along with former guitarist Bruce Kulick. They will be be inducted by Rage Against the Machine and current E Street Band guest guitarist Tom Morello.

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