With AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd in the news for that now-dismissed murder-for-hire plot and drug-possession charges, a bunch of New Zealand hookers have come forward to say he likes to hold sex parties on his boat.

They claim he hires upwards of five at a time, has them call him “babe” and doesn’t like wearing condoms or paying on time. One lady of the night was quoted as saying she “would never go there again even if you paid me a million dollars a week. He’s constantly got a girl, maybe even five. He is a sick bastard, trying to keep up with his image… He sort of separates the girls. On his boat, he’d have one in his main room, one in the lounge area and one in the smaller room. He’d go to different rooms randomly… If he wants a girl, he’ll pay top dollar and he’ll have sex with girls in front of whoever is there, right there in the same room. A lot of the girls will do whatever he wants because he’s a big player — whether or not they feel comfortable.”

Meanwhile, the friend Rudd allegedly hired as a hit man says he’s “the Hugh Hefner of Tauranga [New Zealand]” and adds that the amount of money he spends on prostitutes is comparable to “someone’s yearly wage.”