KISS‘s Paul Stanley is the featured celebrity in Motor Trend‘s latest Celebrity Drive column, and he continues to gush about the Chevrolet Corvette, specifically the concept model he designed.

He says, “I’ve yearned to be driving an American car without apology. I like driving a car that says ‘Corvette’ on it… We’ve always had capabilities to turn out great cars, and for reasons that are lost to me, we chose not to. But as the competition became stiffer and as the car industry seemed to be folding, I guess the message was resounding, and lo and behold, here were some great cars.”

Asked to rate the Corvette on a scale of one to 10, Stanley gives it a nine. “I’m not sure if there isn’t always room for improvement on something. But I love the car.”

Stanley was also asked what his favorite road trip is, and he says it’s “Interstate 95 from New York to New England.” Apparently he likes to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The car he learned to drive in: 1963 Ford Galaxie

And the first car he bought: 1961 Rambler