BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: Hunter of Invisible Clues




Last week, Bruce Springsteen posted a photo on his website of a man in a field with an axe with the caption “Coming Soon.” This, of course, has fans surmising that it could be a new album, a live disc, a song or a video for the song “Hunter of Invisible Game” off his latest album, High Hopes.

Well now the Springsteen fanzine Backstreets has gotten in on the action and put together a list of 10 things it’s not. They are:
1.An extended video for “Just Like Fire Would” off of High Hopes
2.A pimp swinging his axe
3.Where they buried the FLAC/mp3 files for the second Melbourne show
4.A new album cover
5.George W. Bush clearing brush
6.Springsteen’s lost cameo in a Tobe Hooper film
7.The actual editing process for Live 1975-’85
8.An outtake from Bruce’s motorcycle trip photo album (what happens in Florida stays in Florida)
9.Engineer Toby Scott redoubling efforts in the hunt for Electric Nebraska
10.Anything to do with Mariachi music or a River box set

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