Neanderpaul “Get The Led Out” Fun Fact! Jimi…not a fan.

Neanderpaul “Get The Led Out” Fun Fact! Jimi…not a fan.

(Photo Credit: Neanderpaul’s Music Room!)

It’s fairly well-known that Led Zeppelin & Vanilla Fudge toured together on the band’s first U.S. tour in 1968 (Zeppelin opened…imagine *that!*). Former Fudge-drummer (giggity!), Carmine Appice has long been a source for the verification/refuting of many a Zep legend.

Given the recent mud-slinging between Keith Richards and Jimmy Page, I wondered what kind of bad-mouthing went on back in the day. You know…before the Internet. Carmine, was there during the heyday. He witnessed a lot of it, and knows most of the stories first hand. So, it makes complete sense that he’d know who hated whom back then. On at least one occasion, it went a little further than that.

Jimi Hendrix was no fan of Led Zeppelin. He allegedly told Carmine that Zeppelin “were like excess baggage, and that they stole from everybody.” However, there exists a rumor that Hendrix *did* like John Bonham enough to try to get him to form a band together. However, the notoriously protective Peter Grant allegedly made it clear how difficult it would be to play with broken fingers.

Jimi’s rhythm sections were never slouches…but *nobody* was John Bonham.

We’ll celebrate Bonzo, and his jackhammer right foot, tonight at 7, as we “Get The Led Out!”

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See ya tonight! Thanks for listening!’