Neanderpaul “Get The Led Out” Tidbit: It costs a fortune to use Led Zeppelin in movies
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Neanderpaul “Get The Led Out” Tidbit: It costs a fortune to use Led Zeppelin in movies

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Saw the preview for the new movie, “The Big Short.” It looks pretty cool. But, they snagged my attention with the huge “When The Levee Breaks” groove. It got me thinking…

We don’t hear a whole lotta (see what I did there?) Zeppelin in films. In fact, other than the goof up (intentional?) in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High,” I don’t recall hearing Led Zeppelin in *any* other major movie, prior to “Almost Famous.” Sure, they’d done a bunch of TV. And, we featured in documentaries etc. But…other than the one gift-toke to Cameron Crowe, the band have notoriously protected their music from Hollywood blockbuster exploitation. They *did* allow “Communication Breakdown” in the horrible film, “Small Soldiers.” Other than that…not much.

Well…until recently. In the past few years, we’ve heard a lot of Zeppelin in *big* Hollywood movies (“The Fighter,” “Argo,” “Silver Linings Playbook”). And of course, the Cadillac ads from a couple of years ago. Jimmy Page was smart enough early on, to own the band’s publishing. And so, they get paid *big* money for the use of their music in films, or on TV. The reported cost of using a Zeppelin song in a film? *Seven* figures!

…and people wonder why Page doesn’t do anything new these days. Why should he? All he has to do, is drop “Stairway” into a movie…and collect! Do it every few years, and he’s set.

The good news is; Jimmy isn’t satisfied with that, and now that he’s done mining the vaults, promises *new* music in 2016! Rejoice!

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