New Album?


 FLEETWOOD MAC: No New Album This Year




The album Fleetwood Mac is working on in Los Angeles will not be done before they hit the road in September.

Recently reunited member Christine McVie says, “We haven’t finished…these are just tracks with some overdubs, and they’re certainly not finished. I go back to England now until the beginning of rehearsals, which is the end of July, and then we’re rehearsing and then we’re touring, so we won’t really have time to [finish the songs]. There’s some talk about some time next year. Fleetwood Mac always take a long time to make a record.”

Among the new songs are “Carnival Begin,” “Red Sun” and “Too Far Gone.” Lindsey Buckingham says they have upwards of 15 songs, which leads him to think he’ll push for a double album, since none of these tracks are from Stevie Nicks, which means the number will only increase. The last Fleetwood Mac album with Christine and Buckingham was 1987’s Tango in the Night.

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