Billy Joel hasn’t released an album of new pop songs since 1993’s River of Dreams — don’t hold your breath waiting for his next one.

In a lengthy profile titled “Thirty-Three-Hit Wonder” in this week’s New Yorker, Joel states his case against making another album. He contends he’s “not crazy about going into a recording studio and doing that kind of life again.” Nor is he interested in “taking on another project where there’s other people involved—arrangers and orchestrators and conductors and producers.”

Joel denies it’s because he’s “lazy” or “being contrary.” He just feels he’s had his say. He’s not even worried about it selling. In fact, he thinks “it would probably sell pretty well,” because of who he is, “but that’s no reason to do it.” And he doesn’t feel like he has anything left to prove. He says he’d want anything he does “to be good,” but has “seen artists on that treadmill, putting out albums year after year, and the albums get worse and worse, less and less interesting, and it’s, like, maybe you should stop.”

Of course, a couple of years ago, Joel was also thought to be done with touring. In addition to his monthly Madison Square Garden residency, he’s played 19 North American cities in 2014.