With this week’s release of Bob Dylan‘s 36th studio album, a collection of standards called Shadows in the Night, Yahoo Music writer Rob O’Connor has put together what he feels are Bob’s “9 Weirdest Career Moves.”

  1. Recording a Christmas album, Christmas in the Heart.
  2. Starring in that 2004 Victoria’s Secret commercial.
  3. Borrowing from the works of others. O’Connor writes, “The only thing weirder than hearing that Bob Dylan has been allegedly lifting lyrics from a book called Confessions of a Yakuza and the Civil War poetry of good ol’ Henry Timrod is the idea that anyone else noticed. You mean there are two people still reading the poetry of Henry Timrod?”
  4. Releasing back-to-back acoustic folk albums in the ’90s. (1992’s Good as I Been to You and 1993’s World Gone Wrong) We have to call O’Connor out here. How is this a big stretch for someone who made his greatest mark on music and culture as a folk singer?
  5. Performing with Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood at Live Aid in Philadelphia in 1985.
  6. The born-again years in the late ’70s and early ’80s.
  7. Performing in KISS makeup! Again, we need to call O’Connor out. It wasn’t exactly KISS makeup, and when he did so, on his 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue tour, KISS hadn’t exploded onto the music scene yet.
  8. Putting out a deliberately bad album. O’Connor writes, “Yep, a double album, ironically titled Self Portrait, of lukewarm covers (Paul Simon’s ‘The Boxer’ complete with Bob haphazardly harmonizing with himself), a lifeless remake of ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ and original songs with titles like ‘Woogie Boogie’ and ‘Wigwam.’”
  9. Going country in 1969 with his Nashville Skyline album. As a music critic, O’Connor should know what any Dylan diehard knows — that he has always had a love for country music and has recorded and performed many country-tinged songs throughout his career.