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 CHICAGO: Robert Lamm Previews the New Album




Chicago’s upcoming album is officially titled Now: Chicago XXXVI. Co-founder and songwriter Robert Lamm tells Billboard, “I think that there are many people who, whether they like Chicago or don’t like Chicago, assume that what Chicago does is all what you hear on classic rock radio, or that Chicago is some dinosaur-like presence on the tour circuit. And we just wanted to kind of change that perception if we could by suggesting ‘Now.'”

Lamm had a hand in writing seven of the songs. One of them “Something’s Coming, I Know,” was a collaboration with longtime pal Gerry Beckley of America.

While Lamm won’t say directly that the album is a move back toward their early progressive jazz rock image, he won’t deny it, either. “Part of what we wanted to do was not necessarily do three-minute songs. We wanted to stretch out a bit.” The goal was not to to create radio-ready singles. “The point was to write it and record it and be Chicago.”

Now: Chicago XXXVI is out on July 8th.

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