New Album.


 CHICAGO: Their 36th Album Due July 8th




You’ve heard of a baker’s dozen, but how about a triple dozen? Chicago 36, the iconic rock-and-brass band’s 36th album, drops July 8th on Frontiers Records, with 11 new songs.

Featuring founding members Robert Lamm, Walt Parazaider, Lee Loughnane and James Pankow, Chicago 36 was produced on “The Rig,” a unique mobile studio. Each songwriter oversaw the production of their compositions, and the band collaborated as a cohesive unit throughout the writing and recording process.

In a statement, Lamm says the band is better than ever: “There’s certainly more context, and there’s certainly more musical ability, and perception rather than youthful naivete that we had when we started.” Loughnane adds: “Thank goodness, we have 46 years of track record behind us. We’re just trying to grow the legacy even more.”
Touring the U.S. through early June before heading to Europe, Chicago returns home for a late summer tour with REO Speedwagon that kicks off July 31st in Concord, California.

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