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 ROLLING STONES: New Book Looks at a Pivotal Point in Their History  




A newly published book on The Rolling Stones captures them at a pivotal point in their history

Then a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, Greenfield followed the Stones during their final British tour before they became tax exiles. It was the era before the Internet, before MTV — but also a time when reporters could spend time with the musicians and not just at press conferences. It also catches rock and roll before it became exclusively a big-time, big-venue business, with the Rolling Stones playing theaters and not arenas or stadiums. No screens, no gadgetry, no frills.

During that tour, the ideas that became Exile on Main Street were being formed. The band’s two main members were redefining their working relationship and friendship. They formed their own record label in partnership with Atlantic. Greenfield adds that even today, “It’s extraordinary that they can still get out there together. What the book conveys is how extraordinarily good they were — at the peak of their powers.”

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