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 PAUL McCARTNEY: Linda Out, Billy In?






It’s no secret that Linda McCartney wasn’t a professional musician, that she had little interest in being a member of Wings, and that it was all Paul’s idea. But did he ever regret it?

Though Macca has always spoken positively about their time together as bandmates, a new book claims he almost had a change of heart. In Man on the Run, author Tom Doyle writes, “[Guitarist Henry] McCullough even brazenly suggested to McCartney that the band get a ‘proper’ piano player. McCartney instantly rebuffed the guitarist, but it seemed sometimes he wasn’t entirely convinced that having his wife in the band had been such a great idea. Once, in a moment of irritation, he threatened to replace her with Billy Preston, the American keyboard player who had done such a fine job augmenting The Beatles during Let It Be.” That, of course, never happened, nor did McCartney, unlike the other three Beatles, ever use Preston on one of his solo albums.

Man on the Run will be published next Tuesday.

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