Bruce Springsteen is opening up his vaults for a new website with high-quality concert and studio downloads. launched today (Monday), offering up HD downloads as well as CDs of the 30 shows from the High Hopes tour that were available just as MP3 and FLAC downloads earlier this year. The first release from the archives is Springsteen and the E Street Band‘s show at New York’s Apollo Theater in March 2012, with many more to come. The site is also offering HD downloads of the first seven Springsteen albums that were remastered for the new box set The Albums Collection Volume 1.

The site is powered by, the same folks who run the official live download sites for Pearl Jam, Metallica and Phish. founder Brad Serling tells Backstreets that he approached the Springsteen camp five years ago, but he was turned down. So why did Springsteen change his mind? Serling says, “It was Bruce looking at YouTube and seeing fan-generated content from his recent shows, as well as archival stuff. And he was like, ‘We can do better than this. We own the masters!'”