New Lawsuit.


 GREGG ALLMAN: Hey, What’s Another Lawsuit?




Gregg Allman is now facing a third lawsuit following the accidental death of a camera assistant on the set of his bio-pic, Midnight Rider, in February.

This time it’s makeup artist Antonyia Verna and hairstylist Joyce Gilliard. They join the parents of the late Sarah Jones, who was struck and killed by a train. They claim the producers did not get permission to film on the trestle bridge and concealed that fact from the rest of the cast.

Verna’s complaint states that the train approached the bridge at “rapid speed” and that the crew was told they would have “60 seconds to remove themselves,” which proved not to be enough time.

The production of the movie, based on Allman’s autobiography My Cross to Bear, was further derailed when lead actor William Hurt quit and has been suspended.

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