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 THE WHO: How Can We Follow?




If you missed it the first time around, you can once again follow The Who from show to show on their 2002 tour.

Next Tuesday, the band is releasing The Who: Live 2002 Encore Series, 22 double-CD packages from the two-month North American tour that began just days after bassist John Entwistle’s death in Las Vegas hotel room. The concerts feature his quickly drafted replacement, Pino Palladino, who’s played with them ever since. These professionally mixed, complete, unedited soundboard recordings were initially offered to fans following the shows, but haven’t been available since 2007.

Though not every show on the trek is available, there’s plenty of listening for anyone who wants to dissect 40-plus hours of live Who — or just have a souvenir from the one show you saw, or wanted to see but couldn’t. For more information and a list of all the available shows, go to

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