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 AEROSMITH: New Music or No New Music on the Horizon?




Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer was recently quoted as saying he saw no reason for the band to record another album following the less than enthusiastic response to their last release, 2012’s Music From Another Dimension. But bassist Tom Hamilton is a bit more optimistic, despite the fact the band is no longer being signed to Columbia Records.

He says, “We’ll see what the fans want. Do they want us to write a whole album or will they be happy if we just release a new song every now and then, or maybe just an EP? Because now you can do it anyway you want. But, when we do it, it will be the smart way.”

Joey Kramer is not alone in his thoughts when it comes to classic acts releasing new material. Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French agrees, saying, “There is no point recording. I think that is an old school idea. Why? No one buys it. I mean no one is yet to make a case for any reason to record, I do not see any reason in the world to record. The fans who come see you do not care, they claim they care but they do not really care because if you think about it, if you take an average set list 15 to 20 songs, those songs are off the albums everybody bought… Does anybody care if AC/DC makes a new record? I mean they have made the same record for the last 30 years. AC/DC is one of my all time favorite bands. They are one of the only bands I will stand up for two hours to watch. But if I see them do you think I want to hear a new record? Of course not.”

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