New Sound?


 JEFF BECK: Has Himself a New Sound




Jeff Beck has finished recording his next album and he says has come up with a new sound.

He won’t say exactly what that new sound is, but he does say it’s “not Western style, if you know what I mean.” Beck, who turns 70 in June, adds, “I thought it was time for a really, really good studio album I had control over and time to do properly, instead of a budget problem. Even though I do have budget problems!” The album is now in the post-production stage, and he plans to have it done before he starts his tour on April 7th in Tokyo.

Last year, Beck recorded and toured with Brian Wilson, but none of the recordings for Wilson’s next album have surfaced yet. Beck says, “They made a mistake by grabbing me for a tour and opening up the floodgates for a tour prematurely instead of finishing the tracks. And so we left the studio with half-finished tracks — three, four tracks I was supposed to be on — and they’re still unfinished. And to me it was a bit stupid because they should have done the album, had a killer album, and then gone out on the road. But I think they wanted to grab me while I was still available. That’s about it.”

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