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New version of ’Nevermind’ cover lawsuit includes new photoshoot claims & cites Kurt Cobain journal entries

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A new, updated version of the Nevermind cover lawsuit has been filed, Rolling Stone reports.

This past August, Spencer Elden sued the surviving members of NirvanaDave Grohl and Krist Novoselic — as well as the late Kurt Cobain and his widow Courtney Love, alleging that the artwork for the seminal 1991 album, which features a photograph of a naked baby Elden swimming in a pool towards a dollar bill, amounted to child pornography.

According to Rolling Stone, Elden’s lawyers amended the suit in a new filing this week to include new claims, such as that photographer Kirk Weddle, who’s named as an additional defendant, also took photos of Elden “dressed up and depicted as Hugh Hefner,” the notorious founder of Playboy.

Additionally, the suit now cites various journal entries written by Cobain — which were published posthumously in the 2002 book Journals — in an effort to illustrate that the design of the Nevermind cover was sexual in nature.

While he Nirvana members, Love and Weddle are still named in the suit, ex-Nirvana drummer Chad Channing has been removed as a defendant. Channing’s initial inclusion in the complaint was confusing, since he had left Nirvana in 1990, before the band recorded Nevermind.

Requests for comments from both Elden’s lawyer and the legal team for the defendants were not returned to Rolling Stone.

Since originally filing the suit, Elden has Nirvana to censor his genitalia in any future editions of the Nevermind. A 30th anniversary edition of the album was released earlier this month with the original artwork intact.

Nirvana has not issued any official public statement regarding the suit, though Grohl has made a few veiled comments in recent interviews, including telling the U.K.’s Sunday Times that he had “many ideas” about changing the Nevermind cover if need be.

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